Everyday Health Made Easy!

Everyday health costs like Dental, GP, Optician or Physio can’t be avoided. With VIGO Health you get cash back on a wide range of services for just €1.33 a day – less than half the price of a coffee!

Get cash back on everyday health costs AND access to our digital health services

€40 per person, billed monthly (€20 child) Plan includes:

€200 cash back on face-to-face GP appointments

€40 cash back per Dental visit up to 7 visits

Up to 10 visits for face-to-face or online mental health counselling

Unlimited Online GP appointments

Message an Irish Registered GP on WhatsApp 24/7

AND cash back for in-person visits to massage therapists, acupuncturists, dieticians, nutritionists, as well as visits to minor injury clinics and cover for scans and much more!

Full details

€40 per adult a month gives you:

Join VIGO Health today and cancel without penalty in the first 14 days if you change your mind. T&Cs apply.

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Get your money back
Cash back for health costs including dentists, opticians, minor injury clinics, scans plus lots more.
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Optical expenses
We pay 50% of each optical bill up to €100
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Cash back on Physio visits
Your fully covered for up to 10 visits.
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Unlimited Online GP Appointments
See an Irish Registered Online GP, anytime 24/7.
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Face-to-Face or Online Counselling
You're covered for 10 face-to-face or virtual councelling sessions
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Fast Access to a Diagnosis
Get scans, blood tests, x-rays, private consultant visits & more covered.

Our most popular benefits

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GP fees and prescription payments
Claim up to €200 a year.
dental cover
Payments for dentist visits
Get €40 per visit for up to 7 dental appointments.
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Payments for physio visits
We fully pay for up to 10 face-to-face physiotherapist appointments a year.
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Payments for mental health counselling
We pay towards 10 mental health counselling visits, to a total of €400, a year.

Claiming is as easy as ...

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Attend your appointment and pay your healthcare provider directly. Make sure you keep your receipt.
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Upload your receipt on your VIGO Health secure account.
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Get your money back directly into your bank account in a few days for valid claims.

Always available health advice

We match your schedule. So if you need our expertise, contact us anytime.

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Minor medical query or need help to know what to do next? Get informed answers via WhatsApp or Online Chat.

No appointment needed!

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Need an expert answer fast? Ask a doctor via WhatsApp, or Online Chat.

No appointment needed!

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Get a full GP consultation online. Available 24/7.

Unlimited consultations!

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