Cash Benefits for Everyday Health Costs

Everyday health care

What if you want to see a doctor in person or maybe get a scan?
When you see a health professional face to face, or if you need visit an urgent care centre, it’s covered.
Your benefits include cash back for GP visits, cost of prescriptions, dentist, scans & diagnostics, consultants, MIUs (Minor Injury Units), health screens and more.
See the table below for the full list of VIGO cash benefits you get.
Simply pay your healthcare provider directly, upload your receipt in your secure customer account. We will send the claim to Irish Life Health who will pay all valid claims in a few days straight into your bank account.
Check out the table below for all of your health cash benefits:

The Cover Benefits Details

Face-to-Face GP & Prescriptions
Covered up to €200 per policy per year
Face-to-Face Physiotherapy
10 visits - fully covered
Face-to-Face Mental Health Counselling
10 visits - capped at €400
Virtual GP
Unlimited appointments, 24/7
Virtual Physiotherapy
10 visits, fully covered.
Virtual Mental Health Counselling
10 visits, fully covered.
€40 per visit x 7 visits – all procedures
Consultant Fees
Up to €500 per policy year.
Complementary Therapy
€50 per visit x 10 visits combined across 13 specialties – acupuncturist, chiropodist, chiropractor, dietician, massage therapist, medical herbalist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, orthoptist, podiatrist, reflexologist, reiki practitioner, speech therapist.
Minor Injury Units
First 2 visits, fully covered. 50% for subsequent visits.
Scans (MRI & CT)
Fully covered in approved centres.
Pathology & Radiology (Bloods & X-rays)
Covered up to €300 per policy year.
50% up to €100 per policy year.
Health Screens
Up to €100 per policy year
At Home Lipid, Iron & Glucose Test
Up to €45 per policy year.
At Home STI Test
Up to €45 per policy year
Mindfulness Course
€50 contribution
International A&E Inpatient Cover
Covered up to €25,000
Pre & Post Natal Medical Expenses
Up to €200 per policy year

How to Use your VIGO Health Cash Benefits?

Step 1: Book an appointment with your healthcare provider
Step 2: Pay your healthcare provider directly and keep your receipt
Step 3: Upload your receipt on your VIGO Health secure account
Step 4: Get your money back directly into your bank account in a few days for valid claims

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VIGO Health Ltd T/A VIGO Health is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The VIGO Cash Plan is underwritten by Irish Life Health dac and includes the virtual clinic and cash back for everyday health costs. Irish Life Health dac is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Ts&Cs apply.